What is my Ikigai?

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Today I would like to share some information about “My Ikigai”, This Blog is contain My personal story. The Aim of this article is every one should to Think their Life purpose. It makes your life more Happy and Useful. First time I heard this “Ikigai” word in a Tech Talk Session, that session Delivered by Dr.Nayanapriya Gunawardhana(Former General Manager, Supply Chain Excellence | Brandix — Sri Lanka). After the session I wanted to know “What is my Ikigai ?”.

What is Ikigai?

Philosophers have been deliberating over constructs that explain the pursuit of happiness and the meaning of life for centuries. Ikigai is one thought to combine the Japanese words ikiru, meaning “to live”, and kai, meaning “the sensation of what hopes for”. Together these definitions create “a reason to live” or having a life purpose.

We all strive for satisfaction and purpose in our lives. Your ikigai is your reason for jumping out of bed in the morning, what motivates you to revel in and appreciate life every day.

Ikigai is a beneficial practice in career growth because like your own passions and needs, and what the world needs — the meditation of ikigai grows and changes with you. There’s not necessarily an end to your ikigai practice, it’s an ongoing journey.

How to find your Ikigai?

According to Japanese culture, your ikigai lies at the centre of four interconnecting circles:

  • Mission: What you love
  • Vocation: What the world needs
  • Profession: What you can get paid for
  • Passion: What you are good at

Each of these elements helps contribute to your happiness, health, finances and intellectual pursuit; all four are crucial for you to find “the reason to wake up in the morning.”

If you are really interested in having an ikigai, then your study options should rely on much more than only having a career (Vocation) or getting paid (Profession). At the same time, Mission and Passion aren’t enough to sustain you financially if you don’t know how to turn it into a paying job.

This is a time for talk my Ikigai…

What do I love?

In my life ,I really love to learn New Technologies and how do they work, next I like to Think different ideas for develop a new software. which can be contain some features to make our work easier than Our Real Life. next I have a craze in Repairing any devices it can be a electronic things or non-Electronic things. This is Unrelated to my profession but I have a Huge Interest For that Field. And I really Love to make proper Planning for any works(Beginning Stage). In my point of view if we have a Correct/healthy Plan we can save Our Money & Time at the execution period.

Now I am studying Software Engineering as my Profession ,Here I got a chance to proof my strength in my real life.

What am I good at?

In my opinion, I like to do a lot of things and one of them can be Programming. Next I am good at the Organizing a event. I first realized this when I was in 6th grade. I use my talents to arrange a simple event for school stuff and help the teachers out when I can. I think that my friends respect my ability because they always ask me to help them. I can put huge efforts & new Ideas to make the event more pretty. And I will expect the perfection of All Units in the Event. As well as if I have a chance to face any issue I can handle those issue smoothly. Finally I’m Also good at sports & Cooking.

What can I get paid for?

In my point of view. If my Service is Worth/useful for others I can potentially get paid for that thing.

  1. Train some one for a Competition(Sports).
  2. Software Development
  3. Teaching
  4. Farming

What does the world need?

The rise of technology and digital tools in today’s modern world is evident. Everywhere you turn, you can see a student working on their laptop in a coffee shop or a kid playing games on their parent’s smartphone. The widespread use of smart devices is set to expand in the coming years, until one day, no one will be able to recall what life was like before phones and other gadgets. So here We Must Think Some important things.
Definitely the world needs the development but what is development. Modern technology is not only the development. if we are gonna Develop a Country we must Consider The All Fields in that country. So Here the World Need only Talent .It could be anything (Farming, programming, sports, teaching, Remedies).So All Field’s Services will need for a country improvement.

As ever, I am interested to hear your thoughts, comments, and experiences. Please share them in the Responses section below.





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